Trimark Pictures Inc. (also referred to as Trimark) was a production company that specialized in the production and distribution of television and home video motion pictures. The company was formed in 1985 by Mark Amin as Vidmark Entertainment with Vidmark Inc. (later Trimark Holdings Inc.) established as the holding company. As a small studio, Trimark produced and released theatrical, independent, television and home videomotion pictures. In 1994 the company formed Trimark Interactive.

Among the company's many releases are Peter Jackson's 1992 film Dead Alive, which they chose to release theatrically due to Jackson's possessing a following. They are well known for releasing films considered to be controversial for the time period, as in the case with the 1999 film Better Than Chocolate, as some newspapers refused to carry advertisements for the film that featured the word "lesbian" as part of a critic blurb.

In 2000, Trimark merged with Lions Gate Entertainment in which Amin became the single largest shareholder. In 2001, Mark Amin founded Sobini Films where he currently serves as the CEO.

But then, in 2017, Samuel Kosch wanted to revive the Trimark company as his film distribution label. So, then Lionsgate and Amin sold the Trimark company to SammyWorks.