Tom Karlsson: Adventures in Karlssonland is an upcoming film produced by Samuel Kosch and directed by Keegan J.S.

The film will be distributed by Columbia Pictures, SammyWorks Films, Keegan Ltd, Gracie Films (co-produced) and Forksand Animation, a subsidiary of Keegan Networks. The rating on the MPAA and the SammyWorks Rating System, Inc. is PG, which is considered that there might be some action scenes that may not be suitable for children under 13 or 18.

Plot: Tom Karlsson goes to Karlstad, Sweden with Julian Dominguez, junioremj, Dan Bickner and the Gracie Films Shush Lady and comes across an alternate universe where everyone is tom karlsson and all the item textures are a picture of himself. And Tom Karlsson becomes president. Later, he calls it Karlssonland. Suddenly, all the TVs play Treehouse of Horror XIV, so Tom switches it to Treehouse of Horror X, aaaaand now the closing logo is stuck in everyone's heads. Even the sky's the closing logo in motion. Then, Tom fixes that, and boom. They then returned to Karlstad, Sweden.

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