Paintbrush is one of the main characters of the Nickelodeon animated comedy series Team Fan. They are voiced by Taylor Grodin.


Although they is a friendly, supportive and helpful contestant to many, Paintbrush can become very stubborn and obdurate if things don't go as they plan. Evidently, Paintbrush is a pragmatist, and follows life along a realistic and reasonable path. Paintbrush will take any beneficial initiative for their team, frequently coming up with plans for success. However, Paintbrush shows little patience for nonsense and absurdity, commonly provided by Lightbulb or sometimes Fan. Paintbrush has exhibited an exceptionally short temper for any immoral behavior they do not agree with. If angered enough, Paintbrush's hair will ignite into flames of fury, literally becoming a "hothead". Paintbrush adopts a violent nature, going as far as to physically harm others for reasons. Though acting cruel against others, Paintbrush will usually apologize and show remorse for acting out of line.


Paintbrush is a anthropomorphic Mop Paintbrush that has arms and legs.