Heroes of BrossVille is the sixth episode in the third season of The Felipebross and Eddybross Show, and the 22nd episode overall.


When a meteor hits BrossVille, Felipebross, Eddybross, Koopatroopaman, and various other random civilians get transformed into heroes known as the Super Scratchers.


The episode starts with Felipebross, Eddybross and Koopatroopaman entering the annual Super-Con. there, they find a majority of other people.  The friends talk for a bit before a meteor crashes into the building they're in! Startled, Felipebross and Koopatroopaman walk towards the meteor before it explodes. When the light clears, everyone in the convention is then transformed, now in superhero outfits, they realize as to what just happened and fly off, excitedly talking about their new career. They do many things, including stopping a bank robbery, keeping a building from toppling over and zooming up to space to prevent a much larger meteor from destroying the world. Much later, the newly formed team of heroes (in their alter-egos) are outside of Felipebross' house when the hear that Evilbross is attacking BrossVille. The friends transform into the Super Scratchers (using a conveniently placed phone booth, though it's VERY cramped) and fly off to stop him. They succeed, and Koopatroopaman breaks the fourth wall by saying that this plot would be much better suited for the pilot of a spin-off series.

  • The Super Scratchers' final fight against Evilbross


  • The powers the Super Scratchers have are flight, super strength, near-invulnerability, heat and x-ray vision, super hearing, and the abilities to both breathe in space and to transform into their superhero identities and back.
  • The names of the Super Scratchers are X-Man, Mighty Miner, Justice Boy, Captain Rhythm, Mighty Cat, Blue Defender, KooperMan, SuperBross, Captain Brakeball, Super Mideval, MaxPesky, and Strawberry Man.